The reason why you should become a premium member

Medium can be said to be a popular site as an alternative to blogging. Some people prefer a simple way to write rather than having to create their own website. …

The difference between passion or just love

“I guess my passion isn’t here”

You may often hear this sentence when a fresh graduate who is already working complains about his job. Almost everyone has probably experienced the same thing when the work we expect does not match what we do.

Often when we first get the job…

Which is the better choice?

Have you ever hesitated to start writing? Starting with what content to write? How to write a story that can attract readers? or the right container for writing? I will share a little about the right place to start writing.

Basically, there are many places to write depending on what…

Add art to the output code

Python is a programming language that is widely used in the world. One of the reasons is because python is a language that is easy to learn and can be used for many platforms.

After using python for a long time, maybe we feel bored with the appearance of the…

Can e-books replace Physical Books?

I am a person who loves to read and read a lot. Like most people who have a hobby of reading in general, I am fond of collecting books. …

For those of you who read a lot

A few months ago, I began to consider moving from reading physical books to electronic books (e-book). There are various reasons why I decided to move to electronic books, including:

  • Not taking up space — One of the main problems when buying a physical book is the availability of a…


There is no shortcut to becoming a data scientist

Data Scientist, we all probably already know this one profession. The profession was once dubbed “The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century” as reported by the Harvard Business Review. …

One little problem that can lead to big trouble

I don’t care if the code messy or not, if it works, then we’re good

Maybe we often have a principle like that, especially just before the deadline. Often we just focus on how to make a code work, without realizing what the big problem is behind it.

If we…

Why is this Macbook still a favorite for some people

If we talk about Apple products, surely we will imagine a product that is sophisticated, luxurious, and full of innovation. One of Apple’s flagship products is the Macbook Pro. In almost every review regarding the best laptops, the Macbook Pro must always be the main challenger. …

Bad traits that are often found in novice programmers

In this day and age, all industries have realized the importance of using information technology. It is common for any industry to use information technology. This phenomenon automatically increases the need for programmers.

With these many needs, more and more people want to start becoming programmers. …

Fahmi Nurfikri

A Minimalist | AI/NLP Engineer |

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