Which is the better choice?

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Add art to the output code

Can e-books replace Physical Books?

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For those of you who read a lot

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  • Not taking up space — One of the main problems when buying a physical book is the availability of a place to store the book. For me, it is quite influential. Because the more books I buy the more bookshelves I have to buy, apart from taking up space, it also costs too much.
  • Easier maintenance — Another thing that I consider is the effort to maintain. Books that I…


There is no shortcut to becoming a data scientist

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One little problem that can lead to big trouble

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Why is this Macbook still a favorite for some people

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Bad traits that are often found in novice programmers

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I swear you won’t regret it

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Why I prefer using FastAPI instead of Flask

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A Minimalist | AI/NLP Engineer | https://github.com/fahmisalman

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