There is no shortcut to becoming a data scientist

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Data Scientist, we all probably already know this one profession. The profession was once dubbed “The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century” as reported by the Harvard Business Review. Even though the trend of data scientist tends to decline from previous years, however, a data scientist is still a profession that is in great demand.

Currently, there are many curricula in universities, courses, or other places that provide curricula to become a data scientist. One of the tools that are widely used to learn data science is by taking online courses (Udemy, Coursera, Datacamp, etc.). …

One little problem that can lead to big trouble

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I don’t care if the code messy or not, if it works, then we’re good

Maybe we often have a principle like that, especially just before the deadline. Often we just focus on how to make a code work, without realizing what the big problem is behind it.

If we are just at the start of the project or in our first releases, we probably won’t have any significant problems. This problem may only arise when we are in the next releases. …

Why is this Macbook still a favorite for some people

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Source: techradar.com

If we talk about Apple products, surely we will imagine a product that is sophisticated, luxurious, and full of innovation. One of Apple’s flagship products is the Macbook Pro. In almost every review regarding the best laptops, the Macbook Pro must always be the main challenger. Due to its good performance and supported by an attractive appearance.

One of them is the Macbook Pro released in 2012. …

Bad traits that are often found in novice programmers

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In this day and age, all industries have realized the importance of using information technology. It is common for any industry to use information technology. This phenomenon automatically increases the need for programmers.

With these many needs, more and more people want to start becoming programmers. However, many of them make common mistakes in learning to code.

Here are some of the bad qualities that are often found in novice programmers, including:


The first bad trait to avoid is giving up easily. Learning must be a process. Many programmers are fiery at first, but when they encounter an error they just give up. …

I swear you won’t regret it

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When it comes to machine learning production, usually we’ll wrap a model into a rest API. Because making machine learning APIs doesn’t really require complex things — it only requires the predict() function — we usually only use a simple framework. And the framework we usually use is Flask.

Don’t get me wrong: Flask is good, but it’s in the past. One reason Flask is widely used is that in the past, not many people deployed models as real-time production APIs. For some people, Flask is good enough because it’s popular, minimal, and written in Python.

As time’s gone by, the production of machine learning, as a field, has matured. However, as this field has matured, features that were originally just nice to have become essential. And that’s a feature that Flask doesn’t have, so sometimes we have to use third-party dependencies, and sometimes the documentation isn’t too clear. …

Why I prefer using FastAPI instead of Flask

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FastAPI Logo — https://fastapi.tiangolo.com

What do you like best about being a data scientist? It’s definitely modeling and fine-tuning for optimal results. But what does it mean to be a good model if it’s never used or never deployed?

To produce a machine learning model, the typical approach is to wrap it in a REST API and use it as a microservice. One of the most widely used frameworks for creating APIs is Flask.

The main reason Flask is widely used is its simplicity. In general, we only use the API to model predictions, so we don’t need a complex architecture (example: Django). …

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If we talk about investing, surely we will be reminded of stocks, property, or gold investment. However, did you know that writing on Medium can also be categorized as an investment?

Like my previous post, that we can earn money from writing on Medium. Well, for every article that we make, we will benefit. This can be used as an investment because the article will continue to exist on the Internet and can be read at any time while Medium is around. The more posts we write, the more likely we will receive a return.

The striking difference between writing and investing, in general, is the capital used. If in the ordinary investment we need money, for example, buy gold or stocks. Writing on Medium requires the ability to write. …

Crawling with just one command

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Instagram is one of the most popular social media today. Almost everyone has an Instagram account. Many people use Instagram to share photos/videos with their relatives, and several filters are also provided to beautify the photos/videos to be uploaded.

Nowadays, Instagram is not only used for personal purposes, many also use it for business purposes, such as endorsement, marketing, etc. Usually, in doing business, it is definitely necessary to carry out a market analysis, for example by analyzing the current trends.

One way is by using social media, and Instagram is one of the most widely used platforms because people tend to post what they like on Instagram. …

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My experience during formal education for 17 years

For about 17 years I studied, many people asked me, how do I study? Maybe one of the reasons they ask this is that I often get good grades on exams, even though I don’t spend much time studying or sometimes not at all. Maybe I am a person who when asked whether I have studied or not, I answer not yet, but I can get good grades.

If people ask, do I study when going to an exam? My answer to the majority is no. By the way, I answer that question honestly. Yes, because I didn’t study, why would I say I’ve studied even though I haven’t. But yes, often I do learn, but I feel I haven’t studied enough so I just answered that I haven’t studied yet. …

A step-by-step artificial neural network tutorial with illustrations

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In the current era, research on Artificial Intelligence (AI) is developing very rapidly. All aspects of life begin to be combined with this term. Starting from the financial sector to the automotive field, it certainly will not be separated from AI.

One method that is developing rapidly as AI develops is an Artificial Neural Network (ANN). From the beginning of the development of AI to the development of deep learning today, ANN has a part in them. So it is not surprising that this method is one of the most influential methods for the development of AI.

But why is this method so influential in the development of AI? Why is this term so popular? And what is the Artificial Neural Network? In this article, we will answer that question. …


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